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hello sir my rank is 11475 so will i get a seat in pharma-D course and is it a valuable course. and what is the fee structure for convenor seat and managment quota.plz reply soon sir....

Fee for Pharm-D course is Rs. 68,000 per annum under convenor quotaand Rs. 1.55 lakh for management seats in Andhra Pradesh

sir when wil b the counciling of pharma d i belong to st what wil b the fees plz inform me

hello..sir. i secured 7555 rank in eamcet-2010. can i get a pharm D seat in AP.i am OC candidate n can u plz say the counciling dates for pharm D. if not to do B-pharm C in andhra university is there any seperate applications for that.

sir,i secured 175839in eamcet-2010 can i get a pharm-D seat in andhra region and s.v region like top university .i am physically handicapped student(deaf).can u say the counciling dates for P.H student

sir could u tell the last rank for formd

Check it out yourself in the above links buddy ... Its Pharm.D not formd =/

gud evng sir! dis is divya am from warangal dist. my rank is 24366 i belongs to s.c (B) i wanna do pharma D am in a dielama dat whether i get free seat in warangal dist. are not? there are only 3 colleges in warangal district. so kindly give the information about it and please clear my doubt.

Hi Divya ..

there's a good news for you .. according to the last years ranks you have a maximum chances f getting a seat under your reservation quota.but the situatin may change this time .. Hpe that still you get a seat ... Good luck :)

Keep in touch after you get a seat ;)

u can get warangal dist among three colleges its better to choose TPCP..............

sir i want to join in pharmd which clg is best for that

hello sir, i completed my grauation n pharmacy n 2010. im oc candidate. i got 3169 rank in pgecet. can i get pharma d counselling seat? pls reply me sir

dear sir,i had completed B-pharmacy in this year at humanabad.sir i want to join in pharma-D college and i want information about fee in managent seats

i m studying pham.d 2nd year in siddhartha...
you got a good rank try for any other course......
it s a worst course....
you re future will be unsecure if u join in this.......
which stream you r from????
b p c or m p c

i m studying pham.d 2nd year in siddhartha...
don t even think of joing the college.....
it s a worst course....

siddharta and chalapati are good....
but i guarentee that the course is worst.......
i m studying that.....

very very easily......
but think twice before u do so.....

hey u don t know well about the course......

for jobs sake we ve to go the abroad...
how many can do that.....?
u know it s six years waste of time to do that.......

dear sir!

My name is kiran from visakhapatnam. I am working as a pharmacist having 15 years of experience. I would like to continue my education( Pharm-D) in visakhapatnam. Please guide me.

Thank you

can you suggest me... whether this is having good future or not. I would like to enroll my daughter in this course.

Sudhakar AV

u r wrong.... dont miss guide others

u can tell about u r college but not about course.

i would like to know y r u calling it as a worst course.is it due to no job in future in india,or any other reason. i m a m.pharm student.

please send me the list of pharma.d colleges in andhra pradesh.

sir, what is the last rank for pharma.d in last year?

sir/mam,what mark should i get in eamcet to get pharmd seat

Which is the best colg 4 pharm d in hyderabad.. nd ranga reddy dist.. i want d top 3 from each district.. pls infer into it...

Most of the colleges Given Pharm.D are Best Colleges.Total 8 collegesare in R.R and Hyd Region. 4 colleges each.in R.R region : (in Preferred order)1. CMR College of Pharmacy, 2.Bharat college of pharmacy 3.Malla Reddy College of Pharmacy 4. Malla Reddy Institute of Pharmaceutical SciencesIn. Hyd region : (in preferred order)1.Sri Venkateshwara College of Pharmacy 2.G. Pulla Reddy College of PharmacyYou Rarely Choose Deccan School of Pharmacy - MESCO College ofPharmacy as they are Muslim Minority colleges but they are bestcolleges too ... and Deccan have their own Hospital.when you have to choose in whole hyderabad S.V College is the best ofthem all as it has well trained faculty.

hello sir,I'm pranavi,I'm M.P.C student
if Bi.p.c and M.P.C students have same subjects
how M.P.C students can follow,i mean its a bit hard na sir
and what are the qualified marks to get a seat in a reputed college of your's
what's a good rank in EAMCET according to you

pharmaceutics,pharmacology means a tough job for M.P.C students
then how M.P.C students can opt for this course

Are there any reservations in alloting seats

sir please give reply as far as possible i have to decide to take engineering or pharm-D

is vishnu college in bhimavaram is a reputed college for pharmaD

Yes are Reservations that applicable as as eamcet.you can seee details list of last ranks according to Reservations in the above given link.

Dont bother about pharmaceutics.its damn easy and very physical.its even new to
bi.p.c students.All you need i knowledge about Chemistry in the first couple of years.And coming Pharmacolgy its in 2 and 3rd year so by then you will learn all the basics needed from 1st year

Yes , its little bit hard at first for m.p.c but you can quickly
learn the things if you are really intrested this side.Dont bother
about pharmaceutics.its damn easy and very physical.its even new to
bi.p.c students.All you need i knowledge about Chemistry in the first
couple of years.And coming Pharmacolgy its in 2 and 3rd year so by
then you will learn all the basics needed from 1st year.Most of my
juniors are from m.p.c and they are doing well.

Yes , its little bit hard at first for m.p.c but you can quickly learn the things if you are really intrested this side..most of my juniors are from m.p.c and they are doing well.

Yes ! vishnu college in bhimavaram is a reputed college for pharm.D

I gave you the relpy of all your queries in the above comments .. so its now left to you to decide.Choose which ever field intrests you :)

sir could u plsssssssssss tell me for 17000 to 18000 rank can i get pharmd course in hyd

sir i am a oc candidate i got 17000 to 18000 rank can i get seat in pharmd course in hyd

There are less chance of getting into Pharm.D if you have OCreservation.Try management straight away.If you find them expensivetry in other states.

i got 26285 rank in eamcet medical .i like to study pharmd .can i get the seat for my rank

cal 8790293764 i wil tel u.u cal me on 5th july 5pm

If you are "OC" then there might be no chance as the Colleges in hydcolleges stop at very lower rank like 6,000 change.Try managementquota seats.

dear sir/mam ,
i am an oc girl i got 12528 in medical stream can i get pharm.d course in svu region

what is the last rank of pharm.d in eamcet 2010 in bc-a categery and wats the future of this course because people saying that its hard and there is no future 4 it but i want to do it please answer me

What is your Region ? Anyways you can check the last rank according tothe region above.Pharm.D students do have a great future.you can getthis thing clarified by following previous articles in Pharm.D Zone ofthis site which shows exact detailed Opportunities of the field ofwork of pharm.D Professionals.Dont go by the words of some outsides orB.pharm students.Some of them are just misguiding students.I dont wantto comment on their personal feelings .. You better take an Advicefrom anyone close to your family from pharmacy field in india orAbroad if you dont trust me.Good Luck :)

Try your Luck :) All the best

hi my rank is 10205 can i get seat in pharma d in au region plz tell me

if you have any reservations then you have all chances of getting into it.Good Luck :)

i got 25313 rank in eamcet so will i get a pharma d seat in hyderabad is this course good pls reply

sir, i got 26207 rank in EAMCET 2011,I'm Bc-A candidate and I'm from M.P.C stream
can i get seat in vishnu college-bhimavaram

yes you have chance because you are from MPC stream :)

sir i got 12953 rank in eamcet can i get seat in pharm d govt seat st reservation i got send me reply

hi sir, my rank is 13940 belongs to bc.b i want to do pharm d whether i get seat in wgl dist or not plz reply me sir thank u sir.

hi sir, my rank is 13940 belongs to bc.b i want to join in pharm d whether i'll get seat in wgl dist or not plz reply me sir thank u sir.

i'm frm b.p.c whether i get free seat or not for above rank plz reply me sir.

as you can see in the last years ranks there are very good chances ofgetting into pharm.d with your rank in warangal.if not you can choosefrom those colleges in hyderabad atleast.

hello sir......! im frm bi.p.c stream n i got 11579 rank in eamcet. i also hav sc reservation. so can u say me whthr i can get a seat in pharm d? pls rply me sir.......

it depends on your region ... btw you can easily get the seat anywhere you want :)

thanks 4 clearing my doubt sir...... n
will i get a pharm d seat in top colleges of OU region sir........?

if you can notice all the colleges that are allowed to run Phar.D aretop and very good colleges.so dont worry choose the one which suitsyou the best :)

ok sir........ but r u sure dat i'l get a seat in pharm d sir.........? bcos i hav seen dat d last ranks 4 sc girls is below 10,000....... im realy vry confused sir......... pls clear my doubt........

it varies from year to year as a few more colleges will be added everyyear.with your reservation i hope you will get it.

sir, can u say me wats d wrk of pharm d proffesionals? i searched it in various sites but cud nt get d clear information abt dat... pls can u say me...?

Pharm.D professionals take part in clinical research as CRA and alsowork in hospitals as community pharmacists. and many opportunities arein the fields of Pharmacovigilance,Drug regulatory affairs,Patientcounseling,Drug Safety and therapeutic drug monitoring many more ..You can find all these in detail here :http://www.pharmadost.info/2010/08/global-career-opportunities-for-pharmd.htmlhttp://www.pharmadost.info/2010/07/indian-pharm-d-no-1-employer-would-be.htmlhttp://www.pharmadost.info/2010/06/exclusive-interview-q-with-dr-bsuresh.html

thank u vry much sir................:)

Glad that it helped you :)Do stick with Pharma Dost .. Lot to come in the coming month !** We all can make Pharma Dost an best Destination for PharmacyStudents and Aspirants !

sure sir.........! n pharma dost is already d best... we'll make it more dan "THE BEST"...... :)

sir,i got 12781 rank in eamcet,bipc stream.i don't have any reservations and belong to oc.
does b.pharmacy with M.pharmacy has a bright future? or shall i give more preference to pharmd

yes ofcourse B.pharmacy and then after M.pharmacy will have brightfuture in india. Pharm.D is more of Clinical prospective and when youare planning for abroad Pharm.D will do the a better purpose otherwiseB.pharm and M.pharm have a very good career options in india and willcontinue to have a good future :)On 8/25/11, Vinay Kumar G wrote:> approve>>

hi sir,
gd eve,
am gourishankar,am cmpleted my intermediate m.p.c.my emcet rank is 162289.
so am intrested to join in pharm d course. will u tell me hte which college i get in A.P.
Pls tell me the colleges lists &colleges codes in A.P.
pls answer me

sir, i got eamcet rank of 11224 belongs to ou region of caste oc.may i get seat in pharma d.

Hi sir, my frnd got 19500 rank , she belongs to bc.b from bpc stream weather she will get pharm d seat or no plz rply me sir.

Very informative blog article.Really thank you! Keep writing.


sir i got 16275 rank can i get seat in pharma d and iam bc d

Hai sir i want information about pharma.d career opportunities, and its eligibilities

sir iam o.c for what rank ican get seat in best pharmad college

GUD EVNG sir, im vasanthi frm prakasam district. i got 30795 eamcet rank, i belongs to s.t category. i wanna do pharm D. SO,kindly give the information abt it....

sir my rank is 27125 can i get seat in any college for pharma.d,i am o.c,girl

hey em 4m bpc n wanna join pharmd....y did u say it as a waste course...i mean wat r da disadvntgs f da course ...plz guide me

hey i wanna du pharmd ...cn u suggest me ..em in a dilemma..

i h've got 18210 rank in mct 4m bpc...cn i gt a fre seat in pharmd in hyderabad ..i blong to o.c...cud u plz guide me..

Sir, My rank is 42,387.Can i get pharma.d seat. I am a Bi.p.c student

depends on reservation quota and region u belong to .. in OC its tough !

hi sir, my rank is 16890, i missed agriculture by 18 ranks, can i get pharma d. please suggest, iam schedule tribe student.

Yes, you can get pharm.D seat.

sir i got21000 nd oc girl belonging to ou region
can i get a seat in pharm d nd when wil be certificate verification an when will be councelling

Yes all exams on 20th sep are postponed to 22nd sep due to 'Bandh' on reason of hike of petrol charges. Same has been updated in our facebook page. Please refer our fb page for quick and short updates - www.facebook.com/PharmaDost

sir I got 20265 nd belongs to bc-d category.
can i get a sseat in pharm-d nd when will be the counselling.

sir...i got 6282 rank in eamcetbipc...im vth reservation bc-b...can i get pharm-d in top colleges.....

sir plz do reply na...................

i dont have any info about APSCHE activities.they are responsible for notification.

i got 9874 rank in eamcet i belong to oc can i get seat in pharma d seat in any college in 2012

sir give that information na...

tesuko pharma d seat in top colleges vastundi

i got 10061 in eamcet in bi.p.c stream.will.i get a pharm-d seat under bc-d reservation.please do reply.

i know that...but suggest some top colleges...

sir, my rank is 44194 can i get a seat in any pharma d college. I belong to sc community.

sir, i got 11424 rank in B.i pc .and i am oc candidate,can i get pharm.d seat in au region

yes, you will get the seat

tell me the region you are from .. i will tell top colleges

since you have reservation.. you have a fair chance.but not in top colleges i guess

you will get in .. Good Luck :)

since colleges this year have increased .. you can hope for the seat but not in top colleges i guess

sir my rank is27950 can i get a seat am belongs to oc and bipc student

sir i have got 8000 rank in eamcet bi.p.c....can i get a free seat in ou region...could u please tell me...

Yes you will definitely get Convener Quota seat.

it depends on your region but i think you have fair chances though not in college of your choice

S.V college(Madhapur),Bharat college,CMR are good...Deccan and MESCO have own hospitals but are minority colleges.I would recommend S.V college since its very old and established and exp staff.

Sir,i got 1990 rank in eamcet bipc and i belongs to oc female candidate where would i get seet and can u please send me the list of all the pharma d college in ap with their colege eamcet code.

sir reply me.....................................

you can get seat in any college in your region with that rank.here is the list you wanted http://www.pharmadost.info/2010/06/colleges-offering-pharmd-in-india.html

sir, my rank is 31539, i belong to au region and i have bc-e reservation ,male. can i get seat in pharma-d . can i get seat in a good college, if so please suggest a good college. Thanq sir.

hey bhavana u are from which region...

difficult to get into a good college with that rank.

sir, i got 20271 rank in eamcet bipc stream and i hav BCE reservation and i belong to OU region can i get a seat in pharmD what ever college it may be pls do reply sir thank you

i got in dat clg only sir.......thanks for helping me.........

congrats :) thats a great news...Keep in touch and by the way if you are on facebook join our Pharm.D group here and also add your classmates(once you get into college,Ofcourse) https://www.facebook.com/groups/PharmDinindia/

what about NRE quota? Appx what will be the cost of the seat?

Which are the best Pharm d colleges in Kerala?

sir i am doing bipc right now
with what minimum(and also maximum) rank i can get a pham d seat in ou and au region in hyderabad i am bc e reserved student.. my ipe percentage will be above 85 %..(first year 94%)

and also suggest colleges in hyderabad..please..

sir my rank is 15288 ,can i get seat in pharma d in andhra univesity
i ham a bc-d girl,

sir my rank is 13759 can i get a seat in pharma d seat in ou region plsss im bc e student

you can get in your region i think.

respected sir my rank is 18991 can i get seat in top 10 pharma d colleges kindly reply for me with a better choice

can u plzz suggest the clgs tooo plzzz......nd if suppose i dnt gt hw much is the money to pay per yr for this rank or the package

who u?mera o u hai osmania university

some good colleges in ou region and hyd are :

SV college of pharmacy,Madhapur
CMR college of pharmacy

and no matter what rank it is.if you want to go for mngt seat. colleges demanding 1.5-2 lackh per year.

which region you are from ? any reservations ?

sir my eamcet rank is 22741 .. and i m bc-e category can i get seat in pharma d college. from ou region.. plz sir do reply ... thank q

u really think that i can gt seat with that rank??????????
i mean i m very much afraid

yes i think you will get a seat but cant say which college exactly as conditions vary from last year.

in reservation colleges possible ..

which clgs sir any examples.... plz do rply me sir

my eamcet rank is 26084...are there any chances of me getting pharm d seat?

sir i am under bc-e reservation and i got a rank 20006
can i get a seat in ou region in pharm d?

if not where can i get?

my eamcet rank is 19446 can i get a seat in pharm.D in ou region..
i belong to oc category.. plz reply! sir!!

thnx u helped alottt.... just hope i get seat

Sir my rank in eamcet is 23925. with SC boy category can i get a seat in Pharm D in OU region.....Please reply...

sir i want to join in pharma d in manegment qouta so which college would be better and wt would be the fee structure.

sir,i got 12269 rank in eamcet can i get a seat in pharm d course in deccan clg hyd my cast oc

sir iam from bce caste my rank is 36645 can i get seat in pharmad

than q sir ...... can u suggest any other colleges sir
plz do reply me sir

sir i got a rank 18,290... i am a SC student...is there any chance to get the pharm.d seat.... in any region...

i got 45012 rank in eamcet i am a ou candidate!! belong to oc category! Is there any chances of getting a seat in good colleges in the city!! if not please give me an idea of how much donation would be asked if i go for management seat??
please do respond it would be a great help!
thank you

Sorry you wont be getting Pharm.D with that rank.but will surely get B.Pharm.

Management Fee for different colleges is ranging from 10 lacks to 16 lacks package for 6yrs.

you can get seat but cant say deccan college (why DC only??)

Management Fee for different colleges is ranging from 10 lacks to 16 lacks package for 6yrs.

sir my rank is 21,758..n i hav scored 94.5%in my intermediate...is der any chance dat i can get in pharm d course in d city itself in 1 of d best colleges either in counseling or through management.....n i wana knw dat wat is d maximum rank dat 1 shud get in pharmd...may i knw dat my rank is enough or not for pharmad or else atleast 4 b pharmacy....i belong to bc-d

you will definitely get B.pharmacy.

n wat about pharmd ...can i get it through management sir...is dat clear about d high court order whether d management seats r through online or it will proceed like last year...i wana do pharm d atleast through management sir....

sir,i got 16180rank in eamcet can i get a seat in pharm d course in my cast oc from guntur

sir, i got 48000 rank in eamcet, may i get a seat in andhra university with pharm d course.

sorry thats out of range for Pharm.D seat in Eamcet counselling if you are OC candidate. you can try Management quota though. Good luck :)

sir i am a OC candidate student. can u send the fee details of management quota for my rank.
thanking you sir,

sir,i got 12218 rank in eamcet, is there any chances of oc girls in pharm d!!!

can u pls suggest me clgs for my rank

cant say exactly as new colleges added this year.. but yo can check last year's ranks and compare.

SIR! i got 16,523 rank in eamcet(bipc). can i get a seat in PHARMA D in GIET college vth caste bc-d...???? PLS REPLY SOON

Oh! small hope!!! so,sir can i take admission in private college or wait until the counciling?

dont wait up .. try management seat in private colleges.in A.p fee is pretty high.if you can try in Karnataka or tamilnadu you can save upto few lackh's .. just a tip. Good Luck :) keep in touch with our Pharm.D Students group https://www.facebook.com/groups/PharmDinindia/

sir i got 35348 rank in eamcet [bipc] can i get a seat in pharma d in vaagdevi college warangal with caste oc?????? pls reply soon

can i get pharma d in AU region

can i get pharma d in sri vishnu (bvrm) or Aditya (kakinada) colleges

yes.. you can or else there are many new colleges in Guntur sit this year .. you can easily get into one of them.

sir i got 8645 rank in eamcet 2013 and i am oc student .so,can i get a free seat in govt pharma D college in hyd

you mean counseling quota seat. yes you will get seat in Hyd Private college as there are no Govt Colleges in OU region. If you want Govt College there's only one choice in Andhra University College(Govt Aided)

I got 26748 in eamcet BiPC. Can i get seat in pharm D in couselling

sir i got 7959 in eamcet can i get pharm d seat in andra pradesh

sir may i know in which private colleges of hyderabad i can get a seat??

i got 51413 eamcet rank, bi.p.c student, category: BC-B, Have NCC A certificate. so is there any chances of getting seat in city itself

sorry dont have much idea about NCC quota

hellow sir , my rank is 12k . may i know in which pharm-d college can i get seat .

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