RGUHS Pharmacy Exams - August 2013 Timetable


   August/Sep 2013 time table  

Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences, Bangalore 

View as Image : B.Pharm --- Pharm.D

Doctor Of Pharmacy (Pharm.D, 3yrs)

Pharm.D Post Baccalaureate(P.B) 1st year

20th Aug -Therapeutics I and II
22nd Aug - Therapeutics III
24th Aug - BioStat and Research
27th Aug - Clinical Pharmacy
29th Aug - BioPharm
31st Aug - Toxicology
2nd Sep - Hospital and Community Pharmacy

Doctor Of Pharmacy (Pharm.D, 6yrs)

Pharm.D 1st year

21st Aug - HAP
23rd Aug - Biochemistry
26th Aug  - Pharmaceutics
28th Aug - Inorganic Chemistry
30th Aug - Organic Chemistry

Pharm.D 2nd year

20th Aug - Pathophysiology
22nd Aug - Microbiology
24th Aug - Pharmacology I
27th Aug - Community pharmacy
29th Aug - Pharmacognosy

Pharm.D 3rd year

21st Aug - Ph.cology II
23rd Aug  - Analysis
26th Aug - Hosp
28th Aug - Juris
30th Aug - Med chem
2nd Sep - Formulations

Pharm.D 4th year

20th Aug - Therapeutics I
22nd Aug - Therapeutics II
24th Aug -BioStat
27th Aug - Clinical Pharmacy
29th Aug - Biopharmacetics
31th Mar - Toxicology

Pharm.D 5th year 

21st Aug -Therapeutics III
23rd Aug  - Clinical Reserach
26th Aug - PharmacoEpidemiology
28th Aug - Ph kinetics and TDM

Bachelor Of Pharmacy  (B.Pharm, 4yrs)

B.Pharm 1st year

21st Aug - HAP
23rd Aug - Organic Chemistry I
26th Aug - PharmaCognosy
28th Aug - PharmaCeutics
30th Aug - Inorganic Chem

B.Pharm 2nd year

20th Aug - Physical Pharmaceutics
22nd Aug - Microbiology
24th Aug - Pathophysiology
27th Aug - Biochemistry
29th Aug - Organic Chemistry

B.Pharm 3rd year

21st Aug - Med Chem - I
23rd Aug  - Ph.Engg
26th Aug - Cology I
28th Aug - PharmaCognosy and Phytochem
30th Aug - Ph. Juris

View as Image : B.Pharm --- Pharm.D

Update (17th Aug 12am) : Pharmacy Exams 'only' on 21st Aug 2013 are said to be Postponed to Sep 3rd 2013.So first subject of B.Pharm 1st and 3rd yr, Pharm.D 1st,3rd and 5th yr might get shifted to sep 3rd.Wait for Official Notification for confirmation.

Reason : 1st year Forms are Late due to prob's in new colleges registration and M.P(loksabha) elections in Mandya Dist on 21st Aug.

Update 2 (17th Aug 4pm) : Fax Received by Colleges stating the confirming same reason.
(Click to Enlarge)
Pic Credits : Thanks Vipitha Thomas,Adichunchunagiri college of pharmacy
Update 3 (20th Aug 12:30Am Midnight) : Due to non-compliance in QP receiving trial run by certain centers, exam to be held on 20th August 2013 only is postponed. Revised schedule shall be notified later - Check RGUHS website for more information and follow-up.
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Update 4 (28th Nov 2013 5Pm) : B.Pharm Results for 1st,2nd and 3rd yrs are released.You can access them at http://rguhs.logisys.org. We have reported in the afternoon in Comments Section that results would be released today.

(Click to Enlarge)

Note (29th Nov 2013) :  RGUHS Saying Pharm.D Results will come on Monday (2nd December 2013). 

Update 5 (2nd December 11pm night) : Pharm.D Results for 1st,2nd, 3rd,4th and 5th yrs are released.You can access them at http://rguhs.logisys.org.As we have reported earlier this Friday, results came exactly on Dec 2nd 2013.

Advance Supplementary Notice (UnOfficial) : Supplementary Examination Dates are said to be from "Jan 3rd 2014".This is only tentative date.Wait for official notification

Update :The Official notification and Time tables are issued today.Exams starting From January 3rd 2014. You can find Detailed Timetable and Discussion here - http://www.pharmadost.info/2013/12/rguhs-pharmacy-exams-january-2014.html


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will the exam get postponed this year too?

No news yet.. Will let you know if there is any chance for postponement.

There is rumor that exams might postpone by 3 weeks ..and meeting will held discuss to arrive decision. Can expect anything in 3 days or else no postpone.

is der any chance to postpone the xams??

This tine No reliable info yaar.Hearing rumors about 3rd and 5th step but can't trust.

Any news from your side ?

Hi still it's gonna be postpone?
Plz reply

Is der any chances of postponeee??????

Bsc nursing exam postponed and every year bsc nursing and b pharmacy exams are conducted together ..most likely it is postponed

Is it ? Who confirmed bsc nursing postpone ?

b-pharma exam date is fixed or no?..

whats wrong with rguhs.ac.in web page...??? its not at all getting opened..!!!!

An meeting Has been called for Principals of New B.Pharm and Pharm.D colleges which are facing problems of approval for 2012-13.

10 AM morning - Local Bangalore colleges
2:30 PM Afternoon - Non Local Colleges

so any decision (if taken today) would come after those meetings only.they can even take decision in last min like previous year (just 2 days from exam).So wait for Official news.

by when will we know if its postponed???

Its up to rguhs to take desicion .. How can anyone else know

fed of rguhs...!!!

n even this rumors...!!! rguhs nee to giv a strict notice tat exams wil be held on so n so date..!!! sinc 2 years postpon postpon

why is university page not getting opened..???

Will the exams get postpone r not ??
Bcoz nothing I have studied only 5 days left so

I called up a rguhs number and they told that exam will not be postponed. But i hear from some nursing colleges that exam has been postponed.

I think meetin is ovr.....wat abt the outcome.?? Plz reply fast so that we wil gt serious into studies...cz fo dis rumours v r nt studyin..

Lol...server down..?? And lines busy from past 3 days...none wil pick up d cal..

i hope there wil no be any chance of postponement by see 4th year B.Pharm exms...!!!! its better if every one become serious about studies....n its seriously waste of time asking about postponement if any news thm it will be displayed over official web site...!!!

all d best guys....!!!! good luck

there is no such a serious reason or problem for postponement like last year ....!!!! i hope exams wil start frm 20th aug 2013

all d best ajay... good luck

News from university sources is that they are trying max to generate forms by Saturday and solve all problems by then.Even announced Aug 15th as working day for university.Max trying not to postpone.Things are going fast at present.This is conclusion of today's meeting. So good luck and study hard :)

forms hav cum @ sdm college of physiotherapy

Again a diplomatic answer :(

Ur talkin abt forms...last year v evn gt d hall tickets fo d exam...it gt postponed evn aft dt..

Cant someone just call the uni n ask them whats goin on...the website is not even opening. ..instead of creating all this panic they should put up the official timetables. ..

Ya I remember just the day b4 exams they pp it for 2 weeks

What are you talking about? you think you know what rguhs is going through.then you have no idea.There's intense pressure from colleges of BPT nursing and pharmacy.they have to take a decision which would benefit all.and they are trying their best.

And do you even know what was the meeting today was about? It was about problems of new colleges getting registered.so 1st year firms are pending.just the same thing happened last year.you had any info about that.

Just stop bragging over internet and study.Good for you

You any idea thatlast year many colleges ddidn't get first year forms? That was main reason behind postpone.That is reason once again this time...I know what hhappened last time and yrs before that.no need your gyan dear

You wish they could answer just like that!

by when ll dey take the decission??? hopefully the wrst university... not at all serious... nd dey r playing with the student's life... wat the hell is happening???

This has become routine for RGUHS...they mess up new college registrations ever time and can't generate forms to planned date. Lesson not learned !

We are no authority to take decision or make statement.All you get is that.Atleast we got that info which rguhs hates to announce.just trying to help.Try to live with it buddy.

How come 5th Pharm-D and 1st PB pharm-D have PT3 exam on different day as the syallbus is same for both year?????? And they have appar for internal exam together same paper.... there will be problem

If the University could at least put up on the site saying that it is confirmed on 20th, these rumors and what not would eventually die down, and people like me will actually get off our phones and computers and open a book. Or if they actually are backlogged in their work, and planning to postpone, a heads up would be much appreciated and not down to the very last minute.

last tim there was a serious problem...!!! almost a north indians wer back hme
nw wat would be d reason to postpon accordingly to u mr.vikas???

North indian problem strtd in the mid august..n exam was scheduled to b strtin from aug 5th mr.kanthu..so wen 1st dates wer releasd,at dt time north indian rift dint evn strt....n btw r admin gav d actual reason below...lets c wt will happn

Sure mate :) anyways v r reliable on u..:)

Both have different question papers. Pharm 5th yr regular Q.P code 2873 and PB 2nd yr Q.P code 2880. They have same syllabus but different paper.That's why it doesn't matter Eben if conducted on different dates.

Time table for 2nd b.parm is wrong
Organic chemistry should be on 29th
In provisional time table given by rguhs is on 29th

U mean 1st year PB?(bcz thy hve pt3) the Q code is 2880 for 1st PB.
Wt abt 5th yr PB or 2nd yr PB.
If u agree leave abt regular batch but atleast the question paper for 1st n 2nd PB should be same, otherwise how thy will frame question as same syallbus it is

Does anybody know whether the Nursing colleges have received the forms?
And @Pharma Dost, Is it possible to process the forms for the people who are receiving them on saturday , and issue the hall tickets on monday?

waat r the recent updates den???

on behalf of august 15 university is closed today..!!!
its clearly mentioned in officaial website only :P

Of course they can process if they want to. Because they will have university support.Colleges can fax them immediately.

2nd PB (96-97 scheme) and regular Pharm.D 5th yr regular have same syllabus and same question papers even this time. But After they framed new syllabus only PB ( Revised Scheme or RS) have different ques papers and different dates.I think that's clear now.

is it true that they hav removed the system of 6 month or year loss in case of failure in pharm d exam????

Don't have any update on that.but I think no.

Don't they need the signatures on the hall ticket? So going back and forth from college to Uni will definitely take time . Just my opinion.
I've heard the vague rumor that Nursing has already been postponed to 2nd of September . Could you provide some info from your sources (If any) . It would really help ease the mind .

are the xams gona postpone or not

Do you have any information regarding nursing colleges receiving their forms? If yes then when? (Saturday i'm presuming)
But even if they don't get it on Saturday, for them to get it on a Monday, For them to issue the hall tickets to every individual student is next to impossible !

No word yet, they might pull another last-minute announcement like last year, as of now they are stepping up efforts to push all forms and hall tickets to various colleges .

i heard that nursing xams are gna postpone..is it true????????????

Not septemeber 2nd...its september 3rd...many college teachers hv told their teachers itseems...but no official announcement...so cant relay on that

*teachers have told their students

I have absolutely no idea, i heard the same rumor and was hoping somebody over here has a friend over at any nursing college to confirm this information .

Oh wow ! this is news, and this is from nursing colleges right?
Teachers usually do not go out of their way to discuss whether its getting postponed or not . So for them to actually tell their students this is somewhat very fishy and pointing towards a postponement !

No , forms don't need to go back for signatures.They are to be signed by principal of college and register sign would already be there as a stamp.

Also heard some pharmacy colleges expecting forms tomorrow afternoon or Saturday.might be 3yrs forms excluding 1st year's.

Nursing college students making lot of buzz around postponement but no source for confirmation.doubtful whether to trust

b.pharm exam gonna postpone o wt?

I have frnds frm nursing n they r also not sure. ..same situation everywhere! !:-(

That they've heard rumours but no official statement from teachers or any authority

Yeah...but students are telling that they got information about postponement by their teachers...but we cant directly trust them right.?? Until official news is out our exams are starting from 20th itself...lets c what will happn

Guys anyone please post if pharm.d 2nd year is going to get postponed! Cause I still haven't got the forms,only 4 days left for the exam...it would be great news for me if its postponed cause I have not studied anything...thank you

No official confirmation.. looks ike rguhs doesn't wamt the exam postponed

They sure are, and none of them can back their story !
Unless and until they actually comment here saying that they are students of Nursing and this is what they have heard .
I've only heard it from other Streams saying that nursing people told this and told that, but never heard it from a nursing student itself !

Since only nursing students have created a stir and chain of info about postponement, can any Nursing student please confirm this Information, and also whether they have received their forms, if not when have they been told that they will get their forms, Your help is gladly appreciated !

Same here mate, when have they told you that you'll get the forms, Saturday if i'm right?

There are no chances of postpone as they are rumors spreading from nursing guys....So go and start study again...!!!

i known abt the change in syllabus as i'm the new batch in pharm-D PB. but i mean this difference in data for PT3 may be is the sign for postponeding

@ Pharma dost : many colleges have been given holiday today n few colleges have got application forms itseems...nt 1st yr...so v have time only saturday n monday as workin days....is it possible to catch up according to d schedule date.??

nursing exams 95% postponed wait for news 2mrw

As I told before.They can if they want to or if university forces them to.But 1st year forms are important.Last yr postpone was due to same reason.

Do you know any college that got forms? Not heard from friends but actually know ?

3rd yr physiotherapy hav recieved forms

Ys hosmat physiotherapy 3rd yr hav got forms today

I just got news that 1st yrs also hav got forms

@ pharma dost : i was unable to reply to ur past..so txtin here...
No news abt 1st yr forms but our clg management told dat forms wil be comin tomo mrng and hall tickets on monday.. but no news of 1st yr forms..

@ pharma dost : i have a doubt....if there is no problem with pharmacy and other allied branches and lil mishap with nursing course..wil they conduct the exam for everyone else leaving out nursing .??

How sure are you man?
As in is your source reliable?
I was thinking we can't say anything until tmrw on whether the nursing students receive they're forms or not .

tvmcp,bellary...got application forms including 1st yr..

Every one wait till tomorrow morning.You might just receive the forms.now that every random guy,be it nursing students are spreading rumors.can't say which one is really true..Meanwhile I will let you know if there is anything new.

Study well till then :)

No they won't afford to do that.conducting exams para medical courses 3times.

applications didnt cum yet... @ tvmcp bellary too

it is said tat applications wil cum tom morning

forms wil be coming for pharmacy students tom at our college..!!!1

P.e.s pharmacy college got applications
.... No Exam postpone

when u guys have kem 2 know dt pharm.d pb syllabus has been changed?????

in some clg 2 day itself pharm.d pb student kem 2 know that they have 2 more subjct like PT 3,,,,,HSPTL ND CMMUNITY PHRMCY...here anyone is there who have same problem...dont know how they will pass......this is the warst university i hv ever seen

in pharm.d pb 1st year time table biopharm xam is there but according to sylllabus there is no biopharm subject wat is this?????????????????????????????????

Ohh..RGUHS announced in notification.faxed it to colleges.Haven't your college received any such notifications? They didn't inform you ?

Forms came to our college but we did not get 1st yr B.pharm,1st yr Pharm.D n 1st yr PB forms...and i just confirmed...and this is the same situation in 8 different colleges...

There you see..just what I have thought. And nursing colleges are spreading news about postponement will be announced tomorrow it seems.its spreading like virus.who knows the truth!!

We can be only wish RGUHS can come up with some announcent either to confirm 20 the Aug or any other as soon as possible.That would clear all unnecessary confusions of students.

Ya even in our college (hosmat bpt) 1st yrs forms have not come yet

Does anybody actually have their hall tickets with them ?

This is in contrast to what is being told but i heard from a nursing lecturer that our exams cannot be postponed because they want to start pc.bsc nursinhg exams on spt 23rd soon after bsc nursing exams will be over. And if the exam will be postponed, i thnk they will announce it mondy evening. So we have to study. one of my college lecturer is on the way to get my clg forms n e wil get it on monday

VIPS, got the forms except 1st year

By tomo evening we will have the news...n v cannot trust any nursing rumours...i cant trust even that teacher stuff until its officially declared ( some body mentioned below abt teacher told it wont postponed and al)...

And also many colleges approvals for the year 2012-13 is pending that is the main reason regardin this rumour since most of the colleges are nursing...none of the college management is also in a postion to tell firmly abt this situation..:(

For those who got forms today..will issue hall tickets on Monday.

I got my form on wednesday, and they told us Monday hall tickets .

What i don't understand is, why would anyone in their right mind give hall tickets a day, (Sorry) Hours before the exam . I mean this is our Undergrad we're talking about, not some school or rather a Nursery . This is a serious career path, Be it a Para-medical course, I'm sure everybody is sitting at home with 80% of their mind on the postponement and 20% on their books . Eventually we're all losers with the marks we'll finally end up with,
well i just hope it does get postponed, not cuz (Yay more holidays) but rather we actually with our minds focused study more than enough for our exams and actually get a good score, which will help our career's to start !
Why can't things ever run smoothly, i wonder .

Bro, I can't trust them either, unless a nursing student himself tells me, but with the given circumstances we are intended to believe them . Cuz all things start to finally fit the puzzle, and when that last piece goes missing, baam exams the next minute ! As in we know that they have to issue a lot of forms and distribute it everyone, and we actually don't think they can pull it off with the given amount of time, but if they actually do - The invigilators will have an easy time correcting papers, Atleast for me .
All eyes on Tmrw evening .
Wonder whether if people still dont get forms by Tmrw, will it actually get postponed !

That's common in rguhs. Issuing hall tickets day before exam.

We r unble to cncntrte on studiez...:(

In my collge we 4 p.b today only got to know that 2subjects are added and time table has been changed... What to do now??? I just want to file a case on rguhs for harrasing students.... Worst university.

That is ridiculous... How can students study when they get to know now.RGUHS sent fax of new syllabus 2months before.are you guys not in touch with other P.B colleges. They know well in advance.

Y?? U too hv same prob.?? Ny solutin??

What's goin on i dnt know.... N how could rguhs chane evry thing in 2 mnths , its rediculous.its been 5yrs for the course n still they have nt confirmed the syllabus.whom should i complaint now

Your college and RGUHS are both to be blamed in this case.its responsibility of your college to get in touch with its affiliate university.What is your college administration saying now ??

Afternoon some other student complained abt same prob ..is that you ?

I dnt kbow who complained, now i dnt know who's fault what the hell shoul i do, how do i manage. I m from Mumbai university n i regret. Landing in this university

No wonder you regret... Now you should along with your classmates write a letter about the situation and request them for November exams(prev planned for PB).take signatures your classmates and other college students with same prob and fax it to rguhs through principal

I am feeling like leaving the course... Pharm.d p.b.... So many chapters, n no time. Mentally geting torcherd......

These ppl are not even picking up the call. Wat will they do. If they could have understood previously then there would have been many ways of including these two exams later in sm other months. Ideots

They will respond to principals and higher authorities only.they would ignore students calls.better try to put pressure on your principal.

If i will tell u about my college then u ll know that there is no worst college than this. Nyways i was expectatio the same situation with others but now i know evryone has got informed prior. I thot ppl in banglore would have atleat protested for this drastic change at end time

No, Bangalore colleges got this info and syllabus well in advance.i have friend in Oxford college of pharmacy.They also say they have two batches of PB one regular and one late admission batch.For late admission batch exams in Nov they say but no clarity.so waiting for forms.

Only god can save RGUHS students

Pharmacy dost ,,, I finished my final year last supplementary exams but now I have one subject in 3rd year ,,, so I wanna joint M.pharm this year ,,but there are telling that admission is over ,,, what I have to do ??? I don't wanna lost one year ,,, do you have any information about it ???? Or what I have to do ??? I am so confusing ,,,, please wanna help to get admission after 3rd year result ,,,,

Any chances of exam Postpone ???

which clg ar yu ?? In our clg dey said tht we will get forms on monday..

I'm In my Third year, and the previous two years we have gotten our hall tickets more than 10 days prior to our exams, so this year its even more scary .

in our clg nursing has received der formz....

Forget hall tickets some colleges didn't get forms till now..if they could manage.why should your college gave prob just issuing hall tickets.iam telling you its very common in rguhs.even after 2postpones also we get forms just 2days before and hall tickets 1day before. Nothings going to change even with the time

IN P.E.S college officially dey kept on the notice board that 1ST EXAM WAS POSTPONED TO 3RD sept

When we r gnna gt confrmatn bout exam datez.....

R u tlkng bout frst exam or d exam on date 1st???

Could you take a pic and post ??

1st year 1st exam Dey kept lik thz...

oh .. other years exams same a sper schedule. That's better.

I dont have a pick ....just principal announced...

I wished all exams gets postpon bt 10 days specially p.b

Can someone plz clarify? Whats happening? Is it postponed? For which yrs?

RGUHS : Pharmacy Exams 'only' on 21st Aug are said to be Postponed to Sep 3rd.So first subject of B.Pharm 1st and 3rd yr, Pharm.D 1st,3rd and 5th yr might get shifted to sep 3rd.Wait for Official Notification for confirmation.

Reason : 1st year Forms are Late due to prob's in new colleges registration and M.P(loksabha) elections in Mandya Dist on 21st Aug.

What abt nursing and other allied health subjects?

for every one i think as they have same problem too ..

So Pharm D 3rd year won't get even the day gap between their 6th and 1st exam because of some incompetent @#$%#$@ who didnt realize there were exams on the 2nd of sept?

pharm.D PB first year they didn't get their application, even they have exam on 20th so if the reason is due to apps then for them it should be postponed to some other days,plz check it up n lets us known sir

So exams on 20th will be as scheduled??

pharm.D PB first year they didn't get their application, even they have exam on 20th so if the reason is due to apps then for them it should be postponed to some other days,plz check it up n lets us known sir

Is it possible to write d exam widout filling d application.?? Cz v dint get d form still..

you can get forms even a day before too .. its their prob dont worry

Even P.B 1st yr same prob. on 2nd sep they have 7th Subject(which is combination of two subs Hosp and comm pharmacy) and on 3rd Sep they should write 1st sub (which is combination of two huge sub's PT1 and PT2) only God can save these fellows.

they are yet to make final call .. so lets wait

everybody want d same thing ....postpone

if postponed it will be very helpful fr me:)

Why dont they just postpone the whole thing 4 a while..its nt gd 4 2nd year b.pharm people..dnt u thnk

when they gonna officially announce that ....nd why they are going to postpone pb xam ..der is no xam for pb on 21st na...???????

i agree ...even more itz not gud for anyone ..bcoz of dt rumors no one is studyin well..letz hope dey postpone xams for all atleast 10 days...nd this year time table is also worst atlst they chnge it.....:(

Updated the Fax .. Refresh page

Any news about other course??

Contact your Concerned college.

3rd year pharm d is having formulation exam on 2nd sep.next day pharmacology2(3rd sep)....how will we complete with in a half day..that too cology..its really horrible..

but every time that do the same for postponed exams .. immediately after the day of last exam.Last time Pharm.D 4th yr and B.Pharm 4th yr exams were pushed to last in same manner.

@Pharma Dost is there any hope of postponement of the whole thing???????????????

@Pharma Dost is there any hope of postponement of the whole thing??????????????

Need to be postponed timetable is not good this time.No time to glance atleast once a day before the exam for 2nd pharmd -pharmacology,microbiology.....just one day.Fed up with these exams

I just called to over clg office regarding apps for 1st yr , he told me that tomrw is working day for uni and they receive apps by tomrw and he high light that 100 % exam will be taken by 20 august, so everyone study well br prepare, good luck

Does that mean 21st exam is not postponed or what?

No I didn't mean that, I were discuss regarding exam on 20th august only

exam on 21st is really postponed

The BPT students have gotten a Circular Saying that our
21st exam is postponed to 22nd !
Will that stand or will it be the same as now how Pharm have their 21st exam postponed to 3rd?

Pharmacy exams only postponed to Sep 3rd.Since we have many batches.cant create space in between schedule. Nursing are postponed to immediately next day

So Nursing have also received a Circular saying that their exam is postponed to the next day as in 22nd?
Oh crap.

What? Thats so much worse! Now v hav no time at all for clinical ortho. ..this is too much
Which college r u from? Coz they haven't told us (hosmat) anything!

pharma dost the exams hav been postpnd or nt dude?

If u look at the date it was issued on 12th august n everyone is gettin to know now on 17th...what is happening to our educational system! They r playing wit us...not jus the uni but the college which r responsible to inform us properly!

I'm from KIMS, Apparently only us and Garden City College have gotten this circular somewhat similar to the pharmacy notice above pictured . But dates changed .

Myyy goddd...what can b done now! :-(
Is it possible to do anything? Lik a protest or something? !

You are absolutely right my friend !

Dont bother with that date ..as i already explained on our Facebook page :

Here is it's Context :

" RGUHS representatives are so lazy they even forget to change Circular Dates.They just edit the middle part and they leave the Header(with univ name and pn. n.o and dates) and footer(with registrar Sign).you can
observe same 12/8/13 date on past 5days notifications.If you Observe That Principals meeting Notification you will find same date too"

So do you think its wise going by RGUHS circular dates ? I think No.Its issued today afternoon.if you have any problems please contact your college and not brag on internet.Please!

Whats there to brag abt dude! Dis is not bragging! Dis is expressing opinion and there r no inappropriate content either so y u r being defensive I donno!

its just typing error from RGUHS .. you should let them go.

With all due respect, These elections dont spring up, just with 3 days prep, they would have definitely decided about this date at least a week or two ago . So if they had at least told us a week back also about this time table change, we could have at least recovered from the news and changed our schedules.

But if you say its been issued today, then that's horrible on their part to take so long to make a decision.
If its what Frn's says, then Its the respective colleges at fault .

As per my knowledge, Only BPT's college to get this info is KIMS and Garden city, can any other BPT colleges state whether they have received this info about 21st exam being postponed to 22nd .

you are right but now who can tell this to RGUHS.Dont know what was going on with them while prep schedule

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